Fellow vet for Trump Joe Episcopo and I have been traveling around Florida the past week or more trying to drum up support for the WeWhoServed.com website. It has been a great time as we meet fellow veterans and Trump supporters along the way.

Watching news has been spotty at best. Today we did catch the signing of the veto. What struck Joe was how gracious President Trump was towards Republicans that voted against him. I suppose people expected him to be tough and unforgiving. Suprise, surprise, he acted more graciously than anyone expected. Personally, I understand all politics is local but WTF! A vote against the President was a waste of time. It is veto proof!

If Congress does not like the power they granted they and only they can repeal it. Washington is still broken and I hope we can replace the idiots as quickly as possible.

That’s all from sunny Florida. Keep the faith and keep on supporting POTUS and he will support us.

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