If you have been paying attention you have heard all the back and forth about H.R. 815 (click to view) which contains some items about the border. Republicans cannot agree and that is no surprise to me. If you spent any time in the military you are familiar with technical orders, regulations, and operating instructions. You know the difference between the words “shall”, “can”, “may” etc. with all the variations carrying different weights. You also may recall references like “see section II, page 102, paragraph 4, subsection 3, diagram 12, footnote 22“. When it comes to the parts I read on immigration it was more confusing than that.

In case you have started to recover from PTSD I suggest you do not read H.R. 815. This is going to bring back memories, mostly bad. I will start on page 212 for no particular reason. I am stopping at a random spot because it goes on and on. They have created the PDF in a manner that makes it impossible to copy and paste text due to the numbering of the left side column on each page. Therefore, I will use images but you can go look for yourself.

Warning – The following text is Mind Numbing

OK, so that was just to give you the gist of how this is written. It would likely take a quantum computer and AI specifically developed just to understand it.

The bottom line

It is written in such a way that you can likely wiggle out of anything you want. Add to that, if the current administration refuses to enforce the laws currently on the books what makes anyone think they will enforce any new laws?

Also, Reagan didn’t regret “amnesty,” he regretted TRUSTING THE DEMOCRATS who did not live up to securing the border ….. sound familiar?

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