Greg Gutfeld said that contrary to the Mainstream Media, hate crimes are not on a great rise. He pointed this out several times and mentioned FBI statistics show around a thousand more agencies reporting in 2017. Turns out he is right but there is more to consider.

There were 895 more law enforcement agencies reporting hate crimes in 2017. That equals a nearly 6% increase in reporting agencies, 5.87% to be exact. The number of reported incidents between the two years is nearly 13%. Therefore, you subtract 6% from 13% and get a 7% increase from 2016 to 2017. The increase is not 17% as reported by mainstream media outlets!

Here is another interesting point from the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Legal definitions of hate crimes vary. The federal definition of hate crimes addresses civil rights violations under 18 U.S.C. Section 245.

It is also possible for the new 895 law enforcement reporting agencies to be reporting hate crimes that other agencies would not identify as such. As long-time veterans you know how aggressively new policies are looked at.

You will also notice hate crimes are not defined by who committed them. Were they liberals or conservatives committing those hate crimes? Nor do the statistics say what race etc committed those hate crimes. Nobody knows these answers. For all we know, the 7% increase could be groups like Antifa, BLM & the many high profile hoaxes. That seems likely on an anecdotal level.

Greg’s point is found in the Overview heading. The Overviews are pasted in below or you can click the above links and find the information yourself.

2016 Overview

  • In 2016, 15,254 law enforcement agencies participated in the Hate Crime Statistics Program. Of these agencies, 1,776 reported 6,121 hate crime incidents involving 7,321 offenses. (See Tables 1 and 12.)
  • There were 6,063 single-bias incidents that involved 7,227 offenses, 7,509 victims, and 5,727 known offenders. (See Table 1.)
  • The 58 multiple-bias incidents reported in 2016 involved 94 offenses, 106 victims, and 43 known offenders. (See Table 1.)

2017 Overview

  • In 2017, 16,149 law enforcement agencies participated in the Hate Crime Statistics Program. Of these agencies, 2,040 reported 7,175 hate crime incidents involving 8,437 offenses. (See Tables 1 and 12.)
  • There were 7,106 single-bias incidents that involved 8,126 offenses, 8,493 victims, and 6,307 known offenders. (See Table 1.)
  • The 69 multiple-bias incidents reported in 2017 involved 311 offenses, 335 victims, and 63 known offenders. (See Table 1.)

If you want to check more numbers here is how I got the information above:

Starting on this FBI website page you see the years 2011 to 2017 around the lower third of the page. You can open the links for 2016 and then in a new tab open the window for 2017. Next, click Incidents and Offenses for 2016 and then click Incidents and Offenses for 2017.

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