Reasonable people are starting to think and ask questions about the potential of a civil war. Until recently many thought the very idea was ridiculous. Make no mistake the build-up to civil war has been brewing since the late 1920s in America. During World War I the Bolshevik Russian Revolution happened, ending Russia’s involvement in that war.

The Bolsheviks would later become the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and implement Socialism. These ideas in various forms started to spread around the world, even to America. When America entered World War II we made the Soviet Union our ally as Germany was a common enemy. After World War II the Communist/Socialist ideas started to gain a larger foothold in our country. They slowly found a home in the Democrat Party. That is where we are today. There is little difference between the horrors of the former Soviet Union and what Democrats have planned for America. We are watching it unfold nightly in many cities.

Many Democrats are unaware of the actual goals of their Party. Hence, the outline above. Some will refuse to believe the plain and simple truth. The Democrat Party is the enemy of America, just like they were in the days of the Civil War. How else can you explain the acceptance of Bernie Sanders, Ilhan Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib – just to name a few? If you follow the news you know how Joe Biden has joined with Bernie, AOC, and others who hate America. Democrat politicians all follow the same methodology.

The technique employed by our enemy: divide people by eliminating the Christian view of God, family, parents, and law and order. Drive a wedge between people using race, sex, religion, and socioeconomic differences. This is the exact methodology used by the Democrat Party today! Can anyone deny this plain truth? This knowledge is not new. Click here to see a video from the old black and white TV days talking about this very subject.

Think about it. Which Party uses words like racist, sexist, xenophobe, rich, white, privileged and etc.? Which Party sees America as a noble nation with some minor flaws? Which party stands for Christian morality & principles and which party stands against it? Which party embraces the flag and which party burns or disrespects it? The answers are so obvious, don’t you think?

Democrats under the influence of the Communists were doing this long before Trump was born. Trump did not start it. He was the first Presidential candidate to return ideological fire. Veterans understand the need to fire when fired upon. For now, it is relegated to politics.

Two hundred years ago, the prominent German military theorist Carl von Clausewitz proposed his famous definition of war as “the continuation of politics by other means.” A shooting war is never pretty. Those who have seen actual combat know this is not the preferred path. Veterans believe it must be avoided but not at any cost. Some things are worth killing and dying for. Our Constitutional Republic, the future of our children, and one nation under God are some of those things.

The only thing that holds back a civil war in America is our trust in our elections. The China Virus has brought our trust in our elections down in a significant way. If we allow the Democrats to mail ballots to everyone using outdated voter rolls in various states there may be war. Asking for a ballot to be mailed to your home is one thing. Sending them out to those outdated voter rolls is quite another and has proven to be rife with fraud. If we cannot trust our elections then there may be war.

We have time to turn back this possibility now. Contact your representatives and tell them to stop before it is too late. It may not matter in NY and CA. However, the swing states are key. Pennsylvania, for example, is currently under the control of the most liberal Governor in the USA. If it happens in Pennsylvania and other swing states we all better brace ourselves.

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