Today we celebrate the American worker so Happy Labor Day!

We have posted the biggest gains in 4 years and on we are on track for an average of 3% GDP! There are more jobs than people able to fill them. The only thing that can stop us is the Democrats winning in November. 

If you read the entire articles from major news outlets they warn of a downturn as we fix trade. They don’t put it that nicely but that is their Psychological Operations at work. They want to generate fear. The only real thing to fear is a Democratic win in the House or Senate which could bring our economy to a screeching halt.

If we maintain the House and Senate fixing trade may still cause disruptions. I agree a downturn may happen but not with a negative view. You have to run these risks in order to fix a broken system. Most people understand it is harder to fix something than to properly maintain it. Previous administrations just ignored it or took payoffs from lobbyists to do nothing. The American worker suffered and now that is turning around.

If the haters would only start to become team players it would be better, but they won’t. November 6th is fast approaching. Remind your friends to vote. After all, “It’s the economy stupid!”


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