One of the most often asked questions is if I think we are headed towards civil war. My answer used to be, “no, I don’t think so.” Then as time went on I started feeling a little less confident. That was after all the looting and rioting that Democrat Mayors and Governors refused to control. It wasn’t that they couldn’t control it, they just thought it was better not to. But still, I leaned away from the thought of civil war. After all, it was just a few thousand Biden supporters in a few dozen cities in America that were violent. Then it became more widespread and reached over 2,000 U.S. cities and involved many tens of thousands of Biden supporters. Maybe hundreds of thousands. Nobody kept count. Still, I resisted believing the United States would enter another civil war. But I was no longer leaning away from the idea, just resisting it. Like most combat veterans we don’t want war. That has got to be an absolute last resort.

So, today I’ve been surfing on my phone, and what pops up? It’s my buddy JP Sears (again). This time he is addressing how a civil war could start. He is absolutely right and funny as always. This is not a laughing matter. But it might be best understood by our associates on the left since it is in a comedic format. It’s worth the 8 minutes of your life you will never get back 🙂

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