One of the lies of the Biden administration that keeps getting repeated is the number of jobs they created. Every time you hear they created more jobs than any other administration you know it is a lie. All we heard for years from WAPO and others was about Trump and his lies. I’m not getting into it again as it can go back and forth ad infinitum. Few on either side will be persuaded. For those that are interested here is an interesting chart from the Government.

Biden vs Trump job creation trend line

Despite the multitude of claims and counter-claims, one undeniable fact remains: the opinions of economists hold little significance. Ultimately, the outcome of this situation hinges on the individual voter’s priorities and their perception of their own lives. Should a greater number of Americans prioritize rationality over emotions, it is highly likely that they will cast their vote in favor of Trump.

Reality has a knack for delivering harsh wake-up calls. It has come to my attention that a significant number of Democrats and Never Trumpers are either abstaining from voting or gravitating toward supporting Trump. This shift in sentiment is observable across a wide spectrum of individuals, ranging from impoverished inner-city residents to affluent suburban voters.

The prevailing notion by Never Trumpers et cetera, that one can simply purchase fuel, groceries, or any other necessities and assume that all is well is a fallacy. Similarly, the belief that working two jobs instead of one is a sign of progress is misguided. I am unable to predict the outcome of the upcoming Presidential election. However, it is evident that both the left and Never Trumpers are actively working to undermine any potential for our nation’s recovery.

“Have you experienced an improvement in your current circumstances compared to pre-pandemic Trump years?” That is the question that will be answered by rational voters in 2024.

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