Earlier today I received a request from CNN. I am on vacation and did not see the email until it was too late. The email stated: “I’m looking for a Veteran to join us this morning at 10am ET to comment on President Trump’s recent attacks on Sen. John McCain.”

I could nitpick about their use of the word “attacks” and suggest they could have said comments. I won’t bother as I may be a bit too sensitive to bias words in reporting. Instead, I will try and answer in general.

Long ago I had a military boss who was a “hero” since he also got shot down like McCain. He was the most miserable SOB I ever met and I could not find anyone who disagreed. Maybe he had his reasons or maybe he was just a cranky bastard. How could I know? All I knew was he was not someone I wanted to be around.

Later I had another boss who had a purple heart. I guess some might say he was a hero too. If you knew the circumstances of his purple heart you would not think so. I and many others disliked him on a professional level. However, I liked him on a personal level. I even hired him when I started my business until he was eligible for Social Security. I was active duty and I retired young. He was a technician and retired 5 years after I did.

The reason I mention these two individuals is that they both qualified as heroes (I guess). That status did not speak to their true character as people. It is possible for someone to be considered a hero and to run the gamut from a great guy to complete ass.

From what I can tell John was at times one and at other times an ass. That is not uncommon. You can both be angry at someone one moment and support them at another time. You can also simply think ill of someone all the time. McCain became more of a swamp creature as his career in politics overtook his career as a Navy veteran. There are a lot of rumors about his service but again, I won’t go into rumor.

McCain holds no special privilege for his status as a veteran or Senator that excuses his initial attacks on President Trump. All should recall it was McCain who attacked first by calling Trump supporters “crazies”. Then-candidate Trump may have said things another man would not have said. However, that is what sets Trump apart. He is not two-faced. You know exactly where you stand with him, even after you are dead and gone.

I know good people and specifically, veterans differ on this issue. I will let you decide for yourself. Either way, it has very little to do with policy and much to do with media needing to get eyeballs on their stations and websites. It’s all about the outrage baby! I say get over it.

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