President Trump Tweeted that the military may build the wall.

I thought that was a reasonable solution for a long time. After all, it is part of National Defense.

You can hear the chorus of far left folks saying “But I thought Mexico was going to pay for it.” In a way, they are going to pay for it and then some. Here is how:

I’m referencing the NY Times to help convince Lefties that might be reading this or who you might share this with. I try to use liberal sources throughout so there can be little to no arguement from the Left.

Mexico sends 64 Billion dollars per year of drugs into the United States. These drugs cost us billions more in American deaths, lost productivity and rehab. 

Estimates on the cost to US taxpayers vary widely on how much illegal immigrants cost the US. However, it is somewhere in the neighborhood of over 100 Billion per year. Click here to see between 113 and 116 Billion estimates. Let’s be gracious and suggest even half as much. That is a lot of money no matter how you look at it.

According to a CBS report the cost of the entire wall would be around 21 Billion dollars. Click here for that article.

The next argument from the Left is 40% of illegal immigration is from Visa overstays. Let’s grant the argument and put that to rest.

Using statistics from the Left, even if we only cut drugs and illegal immigration down by 25%, Taxpayers would save nearly 50 Billion per year. Therefore, America would save twice the cost of the wall EVERY YEAR! Yes, Mexico would pay for it because they would have to pay for their own citizens and it would drastically reduce drug money that fuels much of their economy.


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