As veterans, our success is judged by our ability to accomplish the mission. Our mission is to turn out the vote tomorrow for all Republican candidates. Drag your Republican friends and family if you have to. Crappy weather is forecasted for many locations which just might give Republicans a chance at holding the House. Pray for rain in the important Districts!

There are a number of fellow veterans running on the Democrat ticket for various Federal and Local elections. I cannot speak for each local election but on the Federal level, there is no reason to vote for a fellow veteran running on the Democrat ticket. Why?

Not a single Democrat on the Federal level will put America first. We have around 500,000 people living on the streets. Around 40,000 of those are fellow veterans. We have around 22 million illegal aliens living in our country.

Do you think the resources used on those 22 million could be better spent on our half million homeless? The Democrats say they want health care for all but they’d rather spend the money on illegal aliens. Would they let their own children sleep on the streets & go without care but take in strangers? That is their logic.

Democrats keep saying “Resist” but what the hell are they resisting?

  • GDP is growing at a 3 percent-plus rate
  • The unemployment rate is near a 50-year low
  • Unemployment rates for minorities and women are at record lows
  • The stock market has jumped 27 percent
  • Wages are up
  • Business confidence is soaring
  • Consumer confidence is at its highest level in 18 years
  • Companies are returning to America
  • Manufacturing is coming back
  • Wasteful regulations were repealed and that continues
  • Trade re-negotiations are going well
  • NATO is starting to pay what they promised
  • The ISIS Caliphate was wiped out
  • Bad agreements with other countries are being done away with, Iran, Paris Climate Accord, WTO etc
  • Jerusalem is now recognized as the Capital of Israel and we are putting our embassy there
  • North Korea may not be going as quickly as hoped but there have been no more rocket launches
  • Law enforcement and veterans are held in high esteem
  • VA employees are now accountable
  • VA Mission Act still needs improvement but at least it is a start

Not a single Democrat voted for our tax cuts.

Let’s not forget the Democrats tried to railroad a wonderful person with a stellar record, Brett Kavanaugh. 

If Democrats win the House there will be endless phony investigations wasting time and taxpayer money.

Democrats will NEVER put America First. All they want is power and they won’t use that power to make America better, safer or stronger.

Your vote counts!!

Do not assume we cannot win in certain Districts. President Trump’s approval rating is 47 percent among Hispanics and 36 percent among Blacks. It is not the good old days for the Democratic Party. Many people will quietly vote for Republicans. They are now waking up from a long sleep. However, that doesn’t mean we do not have to do our part to complete the mission!

God bless you all and God bless these United States!

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