Today I received another email asking a question, part of which, is not answered in previous posts as it is a new development. Here is the email:

How do you respond to Trump mustering immigrants from the military that are serving to gain citizenship. How do you support an individual who took 5 deferments and would not serve his country. I am a 10 year veteran served 3 tours in Vietnam and waiting to hear a group like yours to speak out against Trump.

The last question on deferments is answered in another Posting (click here). The question not answered is about immigrants being discharged from service and that is what I will answer below:

At the time of this post, there are two websites mentioning immigrant discharge from the military. They are the Huffington Post and The Independent out of the UK.

Not enough is known at this time. Apparently, it is for security reasons.  It could be that this is standard as it does not affect all immigrant recruits, just some. People blow things out of proportion when it comes to President Trump.

You may recall the images of children in cages. Those photos were from the Obama administration but the news presented it like it was only under President Trump. You may recall the photo of a child with President Trump looking down on her on the Time magazine cover. That child was not taken from her mother but her mother took the child from its father. This had nothing to do with President Trump and would have happened under any President. You may recall President Trump’s stance on immigration matches what Chuck Schumer (Click here for video of Chuck and you can look up the others) Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama said in the past. Now that President Trump says the same things it can’t be good, right?

Hmm, do you think we should wait before we judge? Could it be more fake news? I’m supposing so for now but will correct the record if I’m wrong. It just seems unlikely that President Trump would be involved at all.

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