Fred Gruber made a comment on my Sunday Rant post. Click here to view it. With Nine Eleven being a primary focus this week I believe it is a good time to get feedback from my fellow vets on America’s philosophy of war.

In recent conflicts, we lose most of our military lives in occupation. Attempts to “stabilize” and bring “democracy” to countries that don’t want it is a complete waste of time in my opinion.

When we defeat a country we may need to stay for a little while to mop things up and make sure we get the bad actors. After that, we should leave with a stern warning that we can and will come back and do it all over again if we have to. We need clear missions and exit strategies.

Before someone argues about the rise of ISIS after Obama pulled out of Iraq let me suggest something. President Obama pussyfooted around with ISIS. President Trump took care of ISIS in short order along with our great military leaders.

Coalition forces were able to topple Saddam’s regime and capture Iraq’s major cities in just three weeks, sustaining few casualties. Saddam was captured 8 months later. That is when the mission actually ended in my opinion. I also want to clarify that I do NOT believe the Iraq War was necessary.

I recall muttering to myself about the insanity of removing the only real buffer we had against Iran. As long as Iraq was there and we had the no-fly zone Iraq was not going to be a problem.

That’s about it. I’m interested in your opinions. Feel free to comment.


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