Check out this event over on the newly designed Veterans For Trump website. Here is the Vets for Tump & Our Partners sponsored Car:

PS if you want to get an Open for Business shirt check out this website. Click the available state to see the shirt.

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We dedicate this patriotic car to all veterans and first responders. Thank you for your contributions to this great nation – we have your back and are committed to forwarding the movement to reopen for business (again) immediately so livelihoods and futures can be restored.

About the No. 92 Open for Business Again-Chasing Freedom Camaro

We Who Served is a service organization that helps veterans and first responders secure financing for new-construction homes, secure meaningful jobs, and protect their physical and spiritual health through programs and referrals.

“The American hero is the backbone of the American dream,” says co-founder Vlad Lemets. “As a combat veteran, I’ve seen firsthand the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform. Our American heroes gave so much and ask for so little. Assisting those who provided us our freedoms is not a partisan issue, it’s an American responsibility.”

Chasing Freedom is a non-partisan Political Action Committee that supports political candidates who support our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, which all veterans and service professionals have sworn an oath to protect.

“America and her allies need strong, courageous leaders in office who understand teamwork and American unity,” said co-founder Phil C. Hecker. “Chasing Freedom supports candidates who are veterans and who support veterans. Together we will Keep America Great!”

Vets for Trump is America’s No. 1 veteran-supported, grassroots Pro-Trump movement in America.

“President Trump has done more than any leader in recent history to further veterans’ wellbeing,” said co-founder Joshua Macias. “His 2019 executive order, the National Initiative to Empower Veterans and End Veterans Suicide, addresses one of America’s most devastating issues — allowing veterans to slip into such an abyss of loneliness that they feel the only rational choice is to take their own life.”

Open for Business (Again) is a national campaign and patriotic apparel line launched by Fort Worth, TX-based Required Team Gear (RTG) to “spread optimism, celebrate the cautious return to (new) normal, and help ensure that politicians receive one unified message that hardworking Americans are ready to get back to work,” said creator Frank Kratch.

“America’s small and medium businesses make up the backbone of our country and employ many of our nation’s heroes, our veterans. We collectively owe it to veterans to reopen our economy so they can resume the hard work they’re accustomed to and support themselves and their families.

Join us in support of veterans, first responders, and all hardworking Americans anxious to reopen our economy immediately.

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