From a personal Facebook Post:

Me: I know it’s a little early to be talking about Halloween. However, because of Wuhan Flu, Some of our favorite attractions might be closed in order to keep social distancing. A new company is coming out with the scariest Halloween idea ever. It is a virtual tour through the mind of a liberal White House reporter.

Now for the comment from a veteran friend:

Tomorrow’s schedule: Awaken to the morning DNC email on today’s anti-Trump narrative. Study it over a Starbuck’s foo-foo latte. Keep pushing Trump/Putin, and a Russian around every turn! Then, think of a creative way to make up another “anonymous senior WH source” to rat out Trump about eating two scoops of ice cream, while serving others only one. Call my agent re: appearances on Anderson and Rachel. Next, a solid hour in seclusion to draft the gotcha question for the daily briefing. (Rachel said try to work in a Q re DJT tax returns. Again! 18th freakin’ time!) Reply to Trump tweets, where it’s all about ME. (Gotta up my attack-dog persona with the Mob.) Wear a mask on-air, though no one is anywhere near me, just to show support for the leftist “mask shaming” strategy. Really concentrate on not saying “rioter”, “looter”, or “domestic terrorist”. They are all “peaceful demonstrators”. Edit out all footage of them carrying bricks and gasoline cans. Pay a few to carry “Defund Police” signs in the background. Study the “rules” contract for that Biden interview next week, and submit my softball questions for prior approval.

Damn, keeping up with this Fake News competition is an exhausting daily struggle! But somebody has to do it. I’m a hero of the Culture War in my own mind.

Comment by Steve Guinter retired Lt Col

So true. Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.

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