(May 6, 2021) SUNSET BEACH, FL–          @NurseErin from ‘Global Front Line Nurses’ appears live on OANN national television network with Real America on OANN with host Dan Ball on Thursday, May 6, 2021. @NurseErin is a combat veteran as well as an Official Veterans for America First Ambassadors. Featured on her interview, Erin discussed the terrifying results to vaccinating pregnant women and the unknown side effects to both the mothers and the unborn babies, which may lead to permanent birth defects, harm the baby- both directly and indirectly- with particular emphasis from secondary exposure to people being vaccinated. Moreover, @NurseErin discussed the likely negative impacts of getting the COVID-19 vaccine, particularly covering: vaccinating children ages 12-15, its negative effect on men’s’ sperm and their reproductive system, supporting #MyBodyMyChoice, COVID-19’s vaccination and its impact on a woman’s menstrual cycle. Erin noted- “Vaccines are considered medical procedures and the same consent is required as going into open heart surgery and people are taking selfies doing it and not taking it seriously enough!”

Additionally, the CDC report roughly 4,000 vaccine deaths after getting the vaccine, according to Dan at OANN. However, ,in her ground-breaking interview today, @NurseErin, a licensed registered nurse, highlighted that less than 1% of vaccine-related reactions are actually reported- ever. “Deaths are much higher and it’s just being brushed under the drug” stated Erin Olszewski, RN. Erin highlighted the critical distinction between using a vaccine that has been FDA-approved and the FDA-Authorized COVID-19 vaccine that has a much lower bar of requisite standardized testing prior to being made available to everyday American consumption- essentially we are at risk directly because of President Biden’s Executive Order. In closing, @NurseErin emphasized that we are all Americans First and are all in this together, “In the past year we have just really lost touch with humanity and being kind to one another.”

Global Frontline Nurses is a charity organization dedicated to exposing corruption from first-hand experience- from the inside. Our team of courageous Nurse Whistleblowers started coming forward shortly after the COVID 19 outbreak and have risked their livelihoods exposing the truth of what is really going on behind the scenes. To learn more about Global Frontline Nurses and to support our mission of exposing the truth, please go to the organization’s official website www.GlobalFrontlineNurses.com .

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