I stumbled upon a video yesterday that reminded me of why I joined the military in 1980. Maybe you can relate. From 1979 until 1981 we were going through the Iran Hostage Crisis. Every night on the news (before 24-hour cable news) they would have a segment called America Held Hostage Day (xxx) with Frank Reynolds and Ted Kopple.

How could any President not simply send the military into the area and threaten war if our people were not released? Most Americans knew Carter would soon be replaced by someone who would not take it any longer. I decided to join up in 1980. Thankfully, Ronald Reagan won. Long story short, our fellow Americans were held by Iran until President Reagan took office.

In much the same way, all I can remember hearing for the last several years was about the ISIS Caliphate. Did you all notice that seems like ancient history now? Sure, there still are and will be Islamic Terrorists around but Trump denied them a Caliphate.

We needed a President that put America and Americans first after two disastrously weak Presidents, Carter and Obama. That’s a big reason why I voted for and support President Trump.

Do you recall why you joined? We would love to hear your comments.

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