We’re not talking about Vlad Putin here, we’re talking about our buddy and Veteran for Trump Vlad Lemets. He was born in Ukraine but moved to Russia and then came to America when he was 14. He joined the Army and now he’s a citizen of the good ol’ USA. Vlad has a really interesting point of view on the war because he has family in both Ukraine and Russia. I bet you’ll learn a lot from what he has to say. I know I did! I also know our fans do not like long videos but I thought this one was worth it if you have the time.

Many subjects are included like the Minsk Accords, Christianity, and a great analogy about NATO. Vlad asks us to imagine an alliance between certain unfriendly countries and the United States where Canada initially agrees to not become a member of the unfriendly group. As time goes on they change their minds. America then sees the potential of Canada moving in nuclear weapons from the unfriendly alliance. How would the USA react? This was similar to the Cuban Missile Crisis in the 1960s. We also discuss the ideas behind asymmetric warfare used to create dissent in a country. Makes you think about what is happening in the US political arena, doesn’t it?


Vlad mentions how the population of Russia is mainly around the borders of other countries, especially the western area. For those not familiar with the geography and how it is distributed I thought this was a good visual aid.

Russian population density map

Russian population density map

American Interference in Ukraine

There is no hard evidence that the US government or any US officials directly interfered in the Ukrainian election. The allegations of interference are based on circumstantial evidence, but there is no smoking gun. Knowing how our government has manipulated things in the past it is not out of the question. If Vladamir Putin believes it based on circumstances it could be part of the reason for his position. What we do know is VP Biden boasted about withholding aid money if he did not get his way. I’m not simply blaming Joe as both sides do this type of thing The problem I mention with Joe is it seems he was doing it to protect his son. Either way, you will have to decide if America had anything to do with it.


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