I received a text message from a vet for Trump (Doug, last name held for privacy reasons) about Glen Oakley, an active duty army member who spoke with FOX News.

In the text, Doug suggests the mainstream media outlets ignore this news story.  I did a quick Google search for Glen Oakley today and discovered his name was not covered by most MSM outlet websites. Doug asks why? Could it be that Glen is black or that he has a concealed carry permit? Below is a quote from Doug’s text:

He (Glen Oakley) rounded them up and protected them (the chidren) from the gunman with His life. Why? Because in His own words “that is what we do, we protect our people not abandoned them. I am a Soldier like my Mother and Father before me, it’s what they would have done too.” You will hear little about this Man of Action because Black Men are not supposed to be Conservative and Responsible and Selfless and put Others Before Themselves and have Concealed Carry Permits and be Legally Armed and Protectors. They are supposed to be what The Left and The Media paint them to be, Unarmed Liberals…

Doug is not saying Glen Oakley is a conservative. We do not know that based on reporting. However, the left should not be surprised if he is. We shouldn’t really care what his political views are. There are good brave Democrats. What we do know is Glen Oakley is a brave young man and he put others before himself.

The point is well made by Doug that the MSM may not want you to see a young black man with a concealed carry permit as the hero he is. Many, not all, Liberals have a stereotypical view of racial groups. They must fit a certain mold. That is obvious if you ever watch CNN and other MSM outlets. We cannot help but notice Glen Oakley goes against their prejudices. Maybe that is the reason his story does not appear on their websites, maybe it is not. I’m sure Doug would like to know your opinion.


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