We received an email today from a mother with two veteran sons. After a phone call, I learned of her and her husband’s tragic loss of their veteran son. I’ve asked them to share that in another email so I can pass it along. The featured image is one they sent me of their son in front of the Pentagon after it was hit on 911. It is not clear as it could be since it is a photo taken of a photo in a frame. I just wanted you to all remember this until our next posting. Jill and Howard urge all of us to contact our Congressmen and Senators and demand they stand up for Trump. Especially those that he stood up for. You can find your Reps at this link. Jill’s email is below. Thank you Jill for taking the time to write to us and we look forward to hearing more from you and others!

My name is Jill G, I am a registered Republican in Florida. I voted in every election in my district, State as well as the Presidential election. I voted for President Donald J. Trump; Our President has been harassed for over 3 years. I watched him under duress accomplishing what was thought impossible, as well as doing an outstanding job. He also rallied for Veterans and Veterans’ rights as well as our 2nd amendment and our religious freedom.

Now it is the time to stand up and defend and rally for our President. I am imploring you to speak out loudly in defense of our President. We can no longer stand idly by, doing nothing, while the liberal left threatens our very democracy. We need you now more than ever! NOW IS THE TIME; we need to stand up ad let our voices be heard! We have been quite way to long!

I will contact every group I can to speak out on behalf of this injustice to our President. I ask for The Veterans for Trump to speak out against this threat on our dully Elected President, and let the left know we will not be bullied or silenced any longer.

I am one person and I rely on the support and help of ALL Republicans and Americans to finally speak out in support of our American Values and ideals, and defend our President!

I am tired of watching the left on every channel on TV defaming our President, while the Republican Party does nothing to “Strongly” set the record straight, never bringing wrongdoers to justice, allowing Congress to make a mockery of our government and the Constitution. The left is wrong for their overreaching and treasonous coup of our President, but those who are doing nothing to stop it are just as guilty.

I implore you to please be the voice of the people who respect our Constitution and Democracy.


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