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The third in line for Governor of Virginia admits to wearing blackface. This is out of control! The current Governor of Virginia has been accused of being in favor of killing newborn babies and being a racist in the 1980’s while in Medical School. The second in line, Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax, stands accused of sexual assault and the third in line admits to wearing blackface. All three are Democrats. The 4th in line is a Republican. Wow!

Need I remind you that the Democrat Party is the party of the KKK. Feel free to look it up on Wikipedia. Here is a link and one of many excerpts pointing this out. Simply press Ctrl and the letter F on that page to find on a word or phrase on the page. Type in Democrat. There are 30 references! 

Historian Eric Foner observed: “In effect, the Klan was a military force serving the interests of the Democratic party, the planter class, and all those who desired restoration of white supremacy.

State of the Union

We loved the way President Trump started out on a veteran-related theme and closed with the same. The theme remains the same for POTUS, America First. Veterans put America First and are what stands between the USA and Terrorism, Socialism, Communism and other ills of the world.

Think for yourself

My advice on Twitter just before the SOTU was to watch and pause your TV before you listen to Talking Heads. After you digest what was just said, then and only then feel free to watch the Talking Heads. Commentators pick out many things you or I would never notice. An example is the Nancy Pelosi walrus clap that is all the rage. I polled several friends this morning and nobody noticed. It’s fun to just make things up!

One example of propaganda

The Washington Post goes so far as to quote an unnamed Twitter user.

She invented this weird walrus clap that was mocking, aggressive, and delightfully surreal all at the same time,” one Twitter user wrote.

Yes, that’s real journalism in today’s market. Quoting some unknown Twitter user like it is news suggests they are afraid to say it was one of their own. Was that person a body language expert or a mind reader? I could quote another unnamed Twitter user that said: “Nancy Pelosi looked and acted as if she is in the early stages of dementia.” Those techniques are a sure indication that you are reading or hearing propaganda. It displays prejudice, not news.

Democrat response was predictable

It was funny to watch the camera pan the crowd of Democrats. Harris and Gillibrand were the most humorous according to those I spoke with. Gillibrand’s “eye roll” Tweet is being used as a fundraiser for her. It should be used as a fundraiser against her. Kamala Harris often looked flush with embarrassment if you ask me. Harris, Gillibrand and others running for the Democrat Primary must be scared to death.

How do you combat someone who has done so much good in such a short period of time? That question is being answered by the most powerful propaganda arms of the Democrat Party, otherwise known as the National Media Outlets i.e. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, Washington Post, New York Times, etc.

I feel bad for Stacey Abrams. She had to try to combat all the good news in America. Even CBS cannot fake this one and you know they want to.


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