Most of us know the suicide rate among veterans is about 22 per day. What you might not know is the average of all Americans is 123 per day. Veterans account for a disproportionally higher percentage than the average, 19% of all suicides but only 7% of the total population. That means veterans are almost 3 times more likely than the average to commit suicide. I will be posting more about this in the future.

I was recently asked by a veterans group to start a website to help veterans connect. It is hoped that connecting veterans in a similar way as Facebook we can do more to prevent suicide.

Why not use Facebook? There are a couple of reasons. First is privacy. Our website will not sell your information or invade your privacy. We will not be advertising to fellow veterans and there is no hidden agenda.

I was then asked how we will fund it without advertising. I have a plan for that too. The money has to come in before we can really get the other website going on a national level and keep it sustained.

The plan is outlined at this web link. It is a work in progress. I chose the name We Who Served back in 2009 but was too busy to get around to setting it all up. Today I am devoting most of my time to this new project. The plan is for businesses and will benefit them, their customers and veterans.

I do not believe in asking for donations. The government cannot and should not have to do this. We were all brothers and sisters while serving. I believe we can do this on our own.

If anyone is interested in making some money and helping fellow veterans at the same time please consider getting involved. We need to cut veteran suicide, diminish isolation and give meaning, direction, and purpose to our fellow veterans who have not been doing as well as most of us.