“Take that, you stupid leftist or Never Trumper!” an angry man might say. However, I am not an angry man.

You probably missed this headline proving Trump was right again since the National Media didn’t pick up on the story. Here it is from AP News: “NATO chief says Europe meeting spending targets after Trump comments“. Note: Last year only 11 countries out of 31 met their NATO obligation.

Whoever thought Trump was not approaching NATO correctly was sadly mistaken. Sometimes you have to use some “Shock and Awe” even on your allies when they are deadbeats. If you have kids & you are a good parent, you understand where Trump is coming from.  A good parent teaches their children if they do not meet their obligations they do not get their allowance or whatever it is they want.

So that’s the short lesson we just learned. Sometimes you need to be like a tough leader to pull together an alliance. If you read that AP article you will see they mention Germany is going to make their 2% obligation for the first time ever! Obviously NATO believes Trump is likely to be the next President so they are falling in line until we elect another Democrat. Then it will likely fall apart again. Democrats are generally enablers of bad habits. That’s a topic for another post.

My youngest daughter, now 33 with 4 kids of her own reminded me how I did not bail her out of a financial problem when she was 18. She said it was the best life lesson I ever taught her and she thanked me for being tough. Today, she and her husband own their own businesses and together make seven times more than I do.

I’m thinking Trump was that kind of father. Trump’s children exude a profound affection for him, which is a testament to the strong bond they share. Their achievements and the admiration they hold for their father serve as a testament to the positive impact he has had on their lives regardless of the political & judicial persecution they all suffer.




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