We have a so-called Pride month and this Trans Day of Visibility. I’m not sure why we call it a “Trans Day of Visibility” considering this is one of the most visible segments of our population while comprising a very, very small part of society. The last survey that I could find taken by the National Institutes of Health had it at less than 0.0045% identifying themselves as such. That was in 2015 and those numbers do climb every year by 0.0002% or thereabouts. Around 7% of living Americans have served in the military and we get a day for our dead and a day for the living. Does anyone else see a problem with this?

Transgenders NIH stats

I’ve posted at least twice about the non-normative sexual community. I’m still wondering why all this attention is paid to such a small group of folks who either have a birth defect or a psychological problem. I don’t make fun of them, but I don’t know why they get celebrated. Let alone more than those who sacrifice for the betterment of our nation like cops, EMT’s, doctors, nurses and veterans.



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