The video in this post has been watched by less than 1 million people on YouTube. Probably more if it was shared or in other locations on the web. Either way, I thought it worth reposting here. It is Trump on Oprah in 1988. Things I noticed are:

  1. Trump talks about making our allies pay their fair share. He cites Japan & others beating the hell out of us on trade. Trump also goes on to say the same thing then that he says today. He respects those people who beat the hell out of us. I get it. You don’t have to like what someone is doing to you to respect their ability to take advantage of your countries weakness.
  2. Oprah asks Trump if he would ever think about running for political office. He says “probably not” but then mentions if he did he would win. That’s why I call this post “History of a Reluctant President.” However, he clearly says he is tired of seeing our country getting ripped off and he would not rule it out.
  3. When asked about the current people running for President in 1988 he heaps praise on both Democrats Jesse Jackson and Dukakis as well as Republican George Bush. I guess he is not exactly the racist people think!
  4. As the camera pans the audience you see women, both black and white, nodding in agreement with what he is saying.

Trump has always thought America was giving in to foreign countries that were supposed to be allies. However, the media went absolutely crazy when he started demanding NATO pay their fair share and treated our allies like business rivals. If the media had seen this video they would not have been surprised.

Trump may have been registered in both parties during his career. It was likely for business purposes. He clearly praised a black man running for President in 1988 who was a Democrat. That should make those on the left who cry “racist” think twice. It should also show those who hate Trump that he is basing his policies on America First and not political party platforms.

People ask me why I feel so sure Trump will win in 2020. One thing is those nodding women in Oprah’s audience. The left may whip women up against Trump. However, women are smart and the left never gives them enough credit. When those women who are wearing the pink pussy hats pull the lever they will be thinking of their children’s future, not the hype of the media.

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