Protesters only stiffen our resolve.

Dr Keith Ablow pointed out something very interesting.

Donald Trump is very plainspoken. And, he does intend to change things. And if we thought that change would come without any disruption that’s not going to happen. Because Barack Obama promised to give this country away, to dissolve its borders, to weaken it, and people got used to that. And they figured they could have what they want and there wouldn’t be any rules. And when you try to discipline people and reinstate a country people are going to object if they’ve been infantilized.

The keyword that caught my attention was infantilized. That simply means treated like babies. I immediately thought, he is dead on right! I’m 58 and a Veteran with over 22 years service. You tend to forget how coddled many people are. There is no room in the military for that kind of treatment. It is so foreign to those who served we have a tendency to forget about the civilian world. I was also toughened up by spending 4 years in a boys home for kids from broken homes. No coddling went on there either. You learned to put on your “big boy pants” and work from morning till night.

I don’t wish my life on anyone else. It was not all bad but it was tough. Now that I’m an old guy I look back on the work ethic and discipline with appreciation. This is often missing from our society today.

  • Kids are taught or allowed to develop a sense of entitlement.
  • Kids are taught or allowed to misbehave.
  • Kids are taught or allowed to believe the world owes them.

In the same way the government has presented itself as the enabling parent. The more the government does for the people the less self sufficient they become.

When someone like Trump emerges the coddled youth (and others) protest. The government has treated the citizens like children by being too permissive in giving them things. It is only natural that people will protest when someone points out that ANY person that is here illegally is breaking the law! It is natural by definition but there are many who cannot see that plain truth.

We need to elect Donald Trump before this country gets any worse!

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