FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ‘Veterans For America First’ Endorses Mayra Gutierrez for McAllen City Commissioner, District #6


(April 26, 2021)– First and foremost, the Executive Board of Director’s of ‘Latinos For America First’ and ‘Latinos For Trump’ Grassroots Coalitionsissues the following joint-press release to publicly acknowledge and bestow the proud collaboration with sister-organization- ‘Veterans For America First’ Grassroots Coalitions- and formally announce the official endorsement of Hon. Ms. Mayra Gutierrez for City Commissioner District #6 in McAllen, Texas. Please take note that the official press release and formal endorsement video supporting Mayra’s campaign can be found online at the Veterans For America First official website-  /at the official Veterans For America First Official (@VeteransForAmericaFirst) Facebook Page  at : on social media.

Official Endorsement: Mayra Gutierrez for McAllen District #6 City Commissioner

According to the official Veterans For America First social media and Facebook page, the April 26, 2021 official headline highlights in a Press Release formally endorsing Candidate Mayra Gutierrez for McAllen City Commissioner, District #6, that, inter alia:

‘Veterans For America First’ proudly endorses Mayra Gutierrez. She is our Champion in Texas and a proud supporter of veterans, first responders and our border patrol agents.”  

 -‘Veterans For America First’ National Spokesman, Thomas Speciale

Second, National Veterans For America First Official Spokesman and highly-decorated combat Veteran, Hon. Mr. Thomas Speciale, formally speaks in support of Mayra’s campaign on behalf of the organization, highlighting that this is the first official endorsement of a political candidate nationwide under the organization’s re-branding. Point blank, Veterans For America First is issuing this prestigious endorsement for Mayra Gutierrez’s candidacy for District #6 City Commissioner in McAllen, Texas because, “Her priorities are our [the organization’s] priorities.”- according to Speciale. Moreover, in an exclusive Veterans For America First’s first official endorsement video since re-branding, the Veterans For America First National Spokesman Thomas Speciale adds that both parties’ mission statements, goals and objectives coincide, nearly identically, emphasizing the overall “importance of Mayra’s focus on bettering the McAllen-area and surrounding Border communities through building safety and security by focusing on infrastructure and growing small businesses locally.”

Additionally, Veterans For America First supports this young, single woman- who became an American citizen less than one year ago to-date– because of her contagious passion, substantial hard-work and dedication to the McAllen community- by giving back to the community, throughout the decades, through acts of public service and volunteerism. Furthermore, Speciale adds, in support of Mayra, that- “Mayra’s down at the U.S.-Mexico Border Wall, at least bi-monthly, supporting local and federal First-Responders and Veterans in her acts of community service throughout the Rio Grande Valley. In fact, on April 14, 2021, Gutierrez- who volunteers as the Texas State Director of Latinos For America First– was down at the Southern Border Wall for ‘Border Patrol Appreciation Day’ with Veterans For America First and Latinos For America First working together to provide almost 1,000 Border Patrol Agents with a fresh, hot lunch as a token of appreciation for all of their hard work and keeping the surrounding communities safe.” Veterans For America First urges McAllen residents to ‘Vote for Mayra for McAllen district #6 City Commissioner’ on May 1, 2021 because “Mayra Gutierrez, like so many Veterans who continue to serve after retiring their uniforms, will unquestionably ‘have your Six!” because Mayra will put #McAllenFirst through a principled, non-partisan approach to creating long-lasting yet achievable solutions in her detailed ‘Community Action Plan’. Mayra’s long track-record of success speaks for itself. Veterans For America First wholeheartedly supports Mayra Gutierrez for City Commissioner, District #6 and urges all eligible McAllen voters to join us in supporting and ultimately voting for her!

‘Veterans For America First’ Coalition  : A National Grassroots, Non-Profit Organization

‘Veterans For America First’ (formerly known as ‘Veterans For Trump’) is a national grassroots, social welfare, non-profit charitable organization. Veterans For America First Coalition was created in early 2015, when a small group of like-minded combat Veterans got together and organized the formation of this nationally renowned organization. Since then, Veterans For America First was able to grow- exponentially- our online and boots-on-the-ground, grassroots presence into what is now the largest pro-America, grassroots, veteran and first-responder lead movement in the United States of America. Fundamentally, at Veterans For America First, our organization’s four (4) primary directives are, inter alia, for: (i) Educating Veterans and First-Responders about the US (and international relations created therein) economy, immigration, infrastructure, law, social programs, voting, foreign and national security policies; (ii) Providing advocacy and support for Veterans and First-Responders in need across the nation; (iii) Honoring and supporting our local First-Responders and their like-minded fraternal organizations (and/or Unions) as well as essential national services, including, but not limited to- the U.S. Border Patrol and Veteran Affairs; and, finally, (iv) Helping Veteran and First-Responder like-minded non-profit and charitable organizations (and/or VSO’s) fundraise.

Instruction For Updated Candidate Information and Contact Details

Finally, to donate and/or for more information about Veterans For America First Grassroots Coalition and Non-Profit Organization, please visit our official website at:  (and also or Vets for Trump Club’s website: and ‘like’ Veterans For America First and its affiliate pages on all of our official social media platforms today @VeteransForAmericaFirstCoalition @VeteransForAmericaFirst @VeteransAmericaFirst  @VeteransForAmericaFirstOrg and/or call us toll-free 24/7 at: 1-833-303-8883 with comments or questions. Moreover, for campaign press releases and notices, and/or to support, donate, volunteer and ‘follow’ this energic candidate, please go online for the most up-to-date schedule of events listed on the official ‘Mayra Gutierrez for McAllen City Commissioner, District #6’ Facebook page at: (20+) Mayra Gutierrez Candidate For McAllen City Commissioner District 6 | Facebook ( Additionally, to learn more about the ground-breaking grassroots work being done by Latinos For America First/Latinos For Trump and/or to donate today, please visit our organizations updated websites at: /  and on the official social media handles of Latinos For America First @OfficialLFT2020 for the most up-to-date material and upcoming schedule of events.

Media Contact: Press Secretary, Kristie Tertel,  [email protected]

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