Over the weekend a fellow veteran from my Special Operations Wing Facebook group posted a long list of names of those we lost. Others added more names in the comments section on Facebook. The list evoked the expected emotions but after some reflection, it came to me. We should have another day for veterans, not Veterans Day where the country honors veterans or Memorial Day where the country honors our dead. There should be a day when we as veterans honor each other. It could be called We Who Served Day.

With that in mind, I want to express my love and affection as a veteran for all my fellow veterans. Not just the ones I know but everyone out there who served. Over 22 years of service I worked with some absolutely amazing people. Of course, things were not always perfect and some fellow vets may have bugged me. I’m sure I may have bugged some of them. However, in the long run, it was more like a family. We might not always see eye to eye but we had each other’s backs when the chips were down.

We do not need to see things the same way to be family. When things get tough we put aside our differences. It is at that point we remember who we are and our common cause. When things are going well our differences have a greater impact on each other. That is very true in politics. Right now is one of those times where everything is going well and we can at times be seen as at odds with one another, especially over politics.

To all my fellow veterans on the other side of the political debate please remember two things.

1. We are fellow veterans and because of that, I see you as a brother or sister.

2. If I argue with you over politics don’t take it personally. I loved my idiot brother when he was alive. I will treat you no different.

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