Our friend and fellow veteran Larry Nizimek sent me an email with a voter guide. I divided into two PDF’s. One contains where the Presidential candidates fall on the issues for all states. The other contains that and the state of Illinois candidates for our brothers & sisters who live there. Click here to get just the Presidential pdf. Click here for the entire state of Illinois.

Below are Larry’s thoughts. I’m just pasting in the contents of his email after speaking with him. As he points out, the Ukraine issue divides many of us. This warrants much discussion in my opinion. Feel free to comment on Ukraine or the issues outlined on the PDF but stay on point! You know the drill. If you don’t it will go to spam.

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Hi Mike:
The attached voter guide shows how candidates stand on various issues.
For the presidential race, it shows Trump and Haley agreeing on all issues except for one: Ukraine.
Now just because someone says that Trump said something doesn’t mean that he really said it, and as you have pointed out, things can be taken out of context.
I feel that this is a very important issue.
In the People’s Democratic Republic (Chicago) where I live, many Republicans have felt that the Democrats infiltrated the Republican leadership in order to make the Republican Party ineffective. I don’t know the extent to which that is true, but I must admit that the Republicans here are, and have been for many years, ineffective.
With so many Republicans wanting to abandon Ukraine, I can’t help but wonder if there are Russian sleepers out there who have infiltrated the Republican Party, and conservative talk shows, to say that Putin can have Ukraine.
Now I am not saying that the U. S. should give Ukraine money, but I feel that we should definitely give them the weapons and ammunition they need to fight the Russians. So far, they have done a good job in wearing down the Russian army, without NATO troops having to put their lives on the line.
Larry E. Nazimek

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