Gas Prices, Unemployment, Illegal Immigration, Middle East Relations, Inflation, Public Schools, Out Of Control Pork Spending, Woke CIA, Attempts at Court Packing, Federalizing Our Elections, All Whites Are Racist, you name it. The policies and leadership of the Biden Administration and all Democrats are trying to destroy America as we knew it. I just wonder how many out there think any of this would be going on if Trump was President.

My liberal neighbor was complaining to me about how much it was going to cost her to fill up their RV! I was wearing my Trump 2020 hat at the time. I just looked at her and grunted. I cannot be sure but I think it dawned on her about who she was talking to. I need to get a shirt that simply says “Don’t blame me. You got what you voted for!”

On a more light-hearted note, Greg Gutfeld did a skit on the Woke MI 6 several years ago. I thought it was ironic the CIA actually did what Greg was goofing about years ago. I guess he saw it coming but never thought it would be America.

PS I am not alone. Letter signed by 120 Generals about Biden and his administration. Click here.

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