I’ve been using Google Bard (their new Artificial Intelligence system), Chat GPT for a longer time than Bard, and recently the new AI integrated with the Microsoft Edge Browser. I have tons to say on this subject but this post will be brief.

After hearing about Jonathan Turley being falsely called a sexual harasser by Chat GPT I decided to see what these systems brought up about me. My name is quite common and there are other more well-known Mike Kelly’s. However, the thing I have been known for since 2016 is Vets for Trump. If you Google “Mike Kelly Vets for Trump” I come up with LinkedIn at the top of Google and the second listing is the Vets for Trump website bio page. Bing.com is similar.

So, I asked Chat GPT (by Microsoft), Microsoft Edge AI and Bard: Who is Mike Kelly of Vets for Trump? Here is what it says. Note: I’m showing what it says in an image so as not to confuse future search results.

Note: If you do not see an image click in the area and the image will open. This is the only post that will not show images. I even tried duplicating it. I think AI might know something and is messing with us.

Chat GPT:

I then did a search on Google and Bing for this person and there are no search results for this person. So I asked for the source and this was the response:

If that is true then why can’t I find the source? So much for Chat GPT in accuracy and sourcing transparency.

Here is the response to the same question from Google’s Bard:

I know Congressman Kelly and I also know Al. Al and I met in DC at Republican HQ in 2016. I could be mistaken but I thought Al was enlisted and not an officer. I could be wrong and we have not spoken in a long while. I don’t know if anyone really knows who “founded” Vets for Trump. My first recollection was with Tony Porta on the Hannity show.

Lastly, I used Microsft Edge using their new AI search. I had assumed it ran off of Chat GPT since they are both Microsoft products. It knew exactly who I was and gives some of the resources.

The bottom line, these AI systems tell you they are not accurate. They may serve many purposes but knowing the truth is not yet one of them. Except for Microsoft Edge at this point on this topic.


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