Today I was talking with a very good friend and veteran who supports Trump. I said, “Wouldn’t it be nice if American voters would allow their politicians to be honest?”

In my opinion (and you know I am right) we the people do not allow our politicians to be honest. Imagine this. A candidate for President stands up and tells American voters what he believes should be done. Then he adds, but I can only do it if Congress will assist me. Would enough people vote for a candidate for President that told the truth? I don’t think so. It sure would be a fun experiment but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Sure, Presidents can do some things using Executive Order but that is very limited. Besides that, the next President can undo all those previous executive orders. President Trump proved that, thank God!

President Trump has kept more promises than any other candidate I can recall. Some may not like it but at least he kept as many as he humanly could. You can’t blame him for not building the wall. You can blame Congress and by extension yourself. The Left may hate this but you have to admit he is the most transparent President ever, at least on policy goals!

In short, we the voters are responsible for dishonest politicians. This is more noticeable for Presidents and Governors than Congressmen. Representatives and Senators do not have to make executive decisions. They can always hide and blame others. Executives cannot, but they can point to their Congress as an excuse. Nevertheless, we are where we are.

Do you want to keep your tax cuts? Do you want a secure nation? Do you want fair treatment in trade from other countries? Do you want better-paying jobs and more of them? Heck, even the Lefties should realize the only way to achieve their social goals is through the prosperity and peace that will be brought about by a unified country under President Trump.

If you want all that then you better get out there and start motivating your friends to vote for Representatives and Senators that support President Trump this November!

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