Voted for Trump?

Oh yes, because clearly voting for Trump automatically makes you an evil person. Forget about complex political ideologies, personal beliefs, or reasons for choosing a candidate. All that matters is this one simplistic label. After all, everyone who voted for Trump must be a villain straight out of a comic book, right? Because there’s no way that millions of regular Americans could have different viewpoints or priorities. Especially when it comes to the economy, leadership and governance, which we currently lack. It’s much easier to just paint them all with the same broad brush and dismiss their opinions entirely. So go ahead, proudly declare that anyone who supports Trump is evil – you’ll gain plenty of respect and understanding from those around you. You will not get any from this author.

Reality hits hard

The reality is millions of people, even those who formerly voted for Biden, would rather go back to COVID under Trump than have Biden as their President. According to NY Times survey, a significant portion of the population expressed a preference for the previous administration’s handling of the economy, foreign and domestic affairs et cetera, using right track wrong track data, compared to the current one led by President Biden. Even the liberal New York Times bemoans their on recent poll.

Heroes support Trump

It is important to acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of those who voted for Trump, particularly veterans, police, and first responders. These individuals have dedicated their lives to serving and protecting our country and communities, often putting their own lives at risk in the process. By casting their votes for Trump, they have shown a commitment to upholding law and order, supporting national security efforts, and advocating for policies that prioritize the safety and well-being of all Americans.

Veterans and First Responders decision to back Trump reflects a deep unemotional understanding of the challenges facing our nation and a desire to see change that aligns with their values and beliefs. As such, we must commend these individuals for standing up for what they believe in and continuing to serve their fellow citizens with integrity, professionalism, and dedication.

Uneducated people vote for Trump?

It may come as a surprise to some that millions of well-educated individuals support Donald Trump, but this is a reality that cannot be ignored. While there is a common assumption that only uneducated people align themselves with the Trump, there is actually a significant portion of highly educated professionals who back his policies and vision for the country.

These individuals are attracted to Trump’s promises of economic growth, job creation, and deregulation, believing that his business expertise will lead to a stronger economy and increased prosperity for all Americans. Furthermore, Trump’s support for conservative values such as lower taxes, strong border security, and pro-life policies resonates with many well-educated voters who prioritize these issues above all else.

It is crucial to acknowledge that support for Trump goes beyond educational background and should not be disregarded due to preconceived notions or biases. The diversity of his supporters, including well-educated individuals, highlights the complexity of political beliefs and the importance of understanding and respecting differing perspectives.

Trump has a proven track record

When comparing President Trump’s track record to that of the current administration, it is evident that Trump has a proven history of achievement and success. Throughout his term in office, Trump implemented numerous policies that led to significant economic growth, job creation, and increased wages for American workers. He also kept inflation under control. His administration successfully negotiated trade deals that benefited the United States, such as the USMCA agreement with Mexico and Canada. Additionally, Trump appointed conservative judges to federal courts, including three Supreme Court justices.

In contrast, the current administration created its own immigration issues at the southern border, economic uncertainty, and ongoing social unrest. They did this by reversing Trump policies that worked. The Biden administration gave money to our enemies and encouraged the current global conflict. When objectively assessing their respective records, it is clear that Trump’s accomplishments proved far superior those of the current administration.


Trump voters should not be dismissed as evil or uneducated. Their support for the Trump Presidency stems from a dedication to traditional American values and a belief that a thriving economy benefits everyone. It is important for Trump supporters to understand and engage with Independent voters in order to build bridges and create a more inclusive future. Together, we can work towards a society where the rising tide lifts all boats, leaving no one behind as it did under Trump before. After all it is called the “United States of America”.

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