I’m on a lot of distribution lists and I apologize as I cannot get to all my emails and read through these lists. However, one that stood out recently in the news is Black Men For Trump. I spoke with the leader of this organization sometime back. They really put out some amazing stuff. Then I saw a Rasmeusin Tweet about Black support for Trump growing to 46%.

I hope this gives those of us who love our country some encouragement for Trump’s re-election. Polls are often wrong but not usually by more than 10 points or so. The height of support seems to be mid-October at 46%. It has dropped to a high of 31% as of Thursday. In any case, if Trump gets more than 17% it will be the highest number of Blacks to vote for a Republican in recent history. If Trump gets 20% or more it will likely turn the election on its head.

The support for Trump is likely many times higher. We know that 77% of Trump supporters are reluctant to share their views. None of this is a total surprise. If you didn’t see what happened to rapper 50 Cent you should. The phrase “pussy whipped” comes to mind. LOL, I bet he will still pull the lever for Trump when he is alone in the voting booth.

Blacks realize the claim that Trump is a racist is ludicrous. However, the left keeps hammering it and we will see what happens.  Below is some polling data from Rasmussen. The last one is Non-White, other than Black which rose to 47% on Thursday of this week.

Add to that the non-white vote excluding blacks is at record highs for Trump.


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