Everyone, including NBC News, called the night for Trump only 30 minutes into the Iowa caucuses. That is when the meltdowns began. The liberals and Never Trumpers could not contain their emotions. Here is just one 40-second clip example. That short video shows the kind of overly emotional comments left on this website every day. Thankfully the commentators are mostly singing from the same sheet of music. The common phrases and words they use make it very easy for my system to flag them and dump them immediately into the SPAM folder so I no longer have to see them. I’m starting to believe they are Trolls or Bots as the comments often come in as clusters.

With Ron DeSantis out tomorrow’s New Hampshire Primary will likely break the liberal brains again. Trump is ahead and Nikki will hopefully withdraw before the South Carolina Primary. Trump tops Haley by 29 points in South Carolina polling where she was Governor. If you cannot win your state in a primary then it is over. Add to that Senator Tim Scott of SC recently endorsed Trump a couple of days ago.

Sure, Trump is not perfect but who is? Even Jamie Dimon points out that Trump was right on his policies and that disparaging millions of MAGA Republicans is not helping the Democrats win hearts and minds. There is no hope for people who want to fight against the success of the MAGA and America First agenda. Every veteran worth their weight knows you must have the proper set of priorities to win a war. Veterans want to have a great America. Veterans want our leaders to put our country first. You cannot help others if you are not strong.

PS Does anyone think Trump would allow over 151 attacks on US forces in the Middle East?


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