Brenan accused President Trump of treason. He sounds just like all the other idiots on the web and in the media. When he was a young man he even voted for the Communist Party! How the hell did he end up in the CIA in the first place?

It is also now clear that Brenan lied under oath. He is also a flaming leftist that hates the America we moderates love. Like those who could never imagine Trump as President, I could never imagine a time when a former CIA Director started working for Middle America hating MSNBC!

For someone to be accused of treason on the Federal level we would have to be at war (GWOT is the only war at this time) or there would have to be a revolution or civil war in our country. Those who accuse President Trump of treason would be treasonous themselves if they:

A: Tried to overthrow the duly elected President or

B: Sought to help Muslim Terrorists

I don’t think anyone is involved in B but they are dangerously close to A.

The real investigation should not be into collusion with Russia but the attempt by the FBI, CIA, NSA and other alphabet groups to overthrow this President!

Oh, and for those of you who believe America doesn’t meddle with foreign country elections you should view this YouTube. You will have to read the subtitles for translation. This is NOT new.

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