A lot of people will be traveling to D.C. tomorrow and many are going by bus. With the recent death of Congressman-Elect Luke Letlow, a healthy 41-year-old man, China Flu is on the minds of many. China Flu is a real disease and spreads easily. It spreads so easily that the CDC estimates that as of 11 Dec 2020 around 91 million Americans have already contracted it. That’s much higher than the 19 million positive test cases on that date, now around 21 million. This is actually good news as it means we will reach herd immunity before long.

However, until we reach herd immunity there are a couple of things I discovered after being exposed myself. This is all based on what they gave President Trump that you can get without a prescription. Of course, you will read conflicting information about these items. All I know is none of them taken in moderation can hurt but may help if you have no other health issues that preclude using them

  1. Vitamin D3. I use the liquid.
  2. Zinc. I used the zinc quick dissolve tablets. I hate the lozenges. Yuk.
  3. Pepcid. I use the generic brand. Chewable is easy to carry and take. I have stomach issues so I’m using this in place of Omeprazole.
  4. Melatonin. I’ve only started taking this but I’ve also read that as we age our natural ability to make it decreases. Helps people to sleep but I never had a problem with that in the first place. The fascinating thing is they’ve learned about all the other health benefits this provides.
  5. Aspirin

I know there are some who think China Flu is nothing and others take it too seriously. But, who wants to take the chance? Hell, I don’t want the regular flu or even a cold. Being sick sucks. Have a great trip to D.C. if you are going!

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