I am writing this about 90 minutes before President Trump speaks today, 16 Apr 20. As President Trump rolls out a path to open our economy there will be death. This is sad but true regardless of who makes the call. It could be a governor of a state or any previous or future president. Death from the virus will increase when we reopen the economy.

Veterans know this truth all too well. We all knew the risks when we signed on the dotted line. The difference this time is it is our civilian population that must deal with this dark truth. Our healthcare workers & those still working have been dealing with this risk for weeks.

We are faced with a clear decision. It is death by disease or death by distress.

Sadly, there will be those who will make political hay out of this tragedy. Do not be disappointed when you see it happen. You have been notified in advance. If you are politically astute you already knew.

To those who will soon criticize the president speak now or forever hold your peace. If you have a better solution say it now, not in hindsight. I will not listen after the fact. 

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