First, I hope you all had a great Christmas. Some this past week were not so lucky. Of note are the Texas church shooting and the machete attack at a synagogue in New York.

When I say Democrats are dangerous I’m in good company. I’m sure the vast majority of Democrats agree with Joe Biden. See the video clip below. It shows Joe Biden’s stance on carrying guns in a church.

Every veteran knows the only way to stop the bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun (or something bigger). The hero, in this case, was a well trained good guy with a gun who reacted in seconds. Many lives were saved. Although I was awarded the Expert Marksman ribbon with Bronze Star for multiple weapons I cannot help but wonder how quickly I could have reacted. Jack Wilson saved the day and God bless him for his quick reaction.

Dems, on the other hand, would have you think it is immoral or irrational to carry a weapon, let alone into a church, This is the kind of thinking that is going to get good Americans killed. You have been warned. The first thing the Socialists and Fascists come for is your guns. Here I am preaching to the choir. Share with your moderate friends. Dems are killing America, literally.

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