We are attacking them where they live in the comments sections of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We are changing the narrative from what they are being spoon-fed and giving them doses of truth. 

 As our numbers are growing in the digital world, we are preparing to become a unified force throughout the nation to mobilize and move to the streets as the need arises.

Join us by following @stevenjsargent and look for instructions on digitalwarriorsusa.com and join me for the digital fight as I have a strategy to reach the independent voter and the moderate democrats in SM to inform them of the accomplishments of The President and the Failures of leftists ideology that are ignored by MSM. 

Please follow and subscribe to my feed and follow the instructions on each post on my Parler page. We have a short time until the election and we need to mobilize to engage as many possible Biden voters as possible. Let’s Go!

We as conservatives all have the agenda items and corrective measures in mind that we would like to act upon. We are pro-life, pro-second amendment, pro children, Pro wall, etc. We all have our proposed methods of attack, calling our elected representatives, rallies, marches, sending emails, memes on social media, etc.

The left has been beating us over the head with all of these for many years for one reason, Unity. They have taken to a game plan and they do not vary from that plan. They fight every day and every waking moment to advance their agenda. They work as a single unit towards advancing that agenda. Until we unify, we will not defeat them.

I have an infrastructure and a group that is unified behind all of these causes and utilizing all of these methods. There is a place for you with this group.

Unify with us on Parler @stevenjsargent

Also, visit our website digitalwarriorsusa.com

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