By now almost everyone has heard about the potential of using Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin to treat COVID 19. See post from 19 March. With every drug, there are contraindications for some people. Of concern for our older population is the effect azithromycin (aka Z-Pack) has on some patients. A hopeful replacement for that is a drug I am very familiar with called Doxycycline. If you were in the military chances are good you took this at some point.

As a survival guy, I was asked to stand in for medics in small ways when no medic was on a deployment. If we deployed to a malaria-endemic area I would distribute doxycycline as a preventative (aka prophylactic). I always had an interest in the healing arts. Relieving suffering is still a focus in my life. According to the NY Post, a doctor in NY is now trying both hydroxychloroquine and doxycycline with positive results. See the full article here.

It is encouraging to hear these two drugs used to treat malaria are showing promise. They appear to be safe and relatively abundant or easy to make. The two main side effects I recall from doxycycline are stomach upset and sun sensitivity. Not a bad tradeoff when you are facing suffering and death. Add to that all the other combinations of anti-virals and treatments giving us hope.

We keep hearing about these results being anecdotal. I will try to post an article that will clarify what that really means. The word has several contexts, logical, legal and scientific.

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