Elon Musk can be hard for some folks to listen to because of his somewhat halting but thoughtful way of speaking. However, I thought it important to share this video of him with the Babylon Bee. This is what veterans have fought for. We fought for an idea more than a country. It just so happened that the USA was a country founded on certain ideas that are outlined in the Constitution.

America is not and never has been a Democracy. It has always been a Constitutional Republic. The one significant difference is a Republic takes longer to decay than a Democracy. Sooner or later corruption seeps into both systems because man is sinful by nature. No need to teach us to do wrong, is there? To any thinking American of age, it is all too apparent we are on the cusp of becoming something veterans can no longer support. Veterans & police no longer encourage their children to follow in their footsteps. Woke military and the defund the police movement is going to be the end of us if we do not reverse course.

Sidenote: Just look at some of the crap our military is doing with the woke agenda. No wonder veterans don’t want their kids to belong to this new woke military. The following links were sent by one of our veteran friends, Karl.

The corruption of our Federal law enforcement and judicial system is apparent. The Deep State once thought to be the realm of conspiracy theorists, is on full display. The Durham Report doesn’t matter to the DOJ. Political prisoners are still being held in D.C. Parents who don’t want racism and nonnormative sex taught to their children are considered domestic terrorists along with the Catholic Church. This is not progressive or liberal, this is destructive. Oh, and I won’t forget about the QAnon nuts. They can be almost as bad as those who claimed all kinds of lies about Trump.

We need to return to our basic principles of free speech and the right to bear arms for starters. The 2A is there to ensure the 1A.  Let’s hope Elon keeps this going. He even wants to open up a financial section that will not limit people as we saw in the Canadian trucker fiasco and PayPal and others banning certain groups for political reasons. No, Elon is not a right-winger. He is simply a believer in the Constitution. If you have time, give it a listen. If you don’t, I get it. We are all busy.


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