He is careful to say “at some point”. In many places they can vote in local elections immediately. They cannot vote in Federal elections but they are counted for Congressional seats and Electoral College votes resulting from the Census. See source.

In one line Musk answers what many have been scratching their heads about. “That simple incentive explains what seems to be insane behavior.” Now the Dems are between a rock and a hard place. If Biden goes back and secures the border using Trump policies two things happen. First, Biden will have proved that he had the power all along and he can’t blame Republicans. (Anyone with a brain knew that). Second, those on the left will turn away and maybe stay home in November.

Dems also forget what many Americans know all too well. The more porous the border the more Americans die from Fentanyl and criminal illegal alien murders, let alone rape, sex trafficking, theft and assault. As my father used to say, “The conservative in New York City is the liberal who was mugged on the subway yesterday.” So true.

While it is true that most illegal immigrants are not killing, trafficking children, raping and stealing many are. Whoever is in charge of this country at the moment (obviously not Joe Biden) is responsible for a lot of death and suffering. The inmates are definitely running the asylum.

It is nice to see some of the minority citizens in our cities standing up to this. As the Dems lose the black vote they need a more sympathetic voter base. Blacks are slowly but steadily freeing themselves from the liberal plantation. However, a word of caution to our liberal and Never Trumpers. The illegal immigrants of today will soon realize that it is conservatives who will protect the future for their children. Don’t count on their votes beyond a single generation.

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