By now you all know the story. Lori Gilbert-Kaye died to save her Rabbi while a fellow veteran Oscar Stewart and off duty border patrol agent Jonathan Morales stopped the shooter from killing more people. I have blurred the image of Morales to protect his privacy. It is also a good reminder that we do not always see the faces of heroes. Knowing they are among us is the point.

This kind of courage inspires a nation. At the same time causes us to cringe at the idea it was needed. What is in a person that causes them to react so heroicly in the face of danger is unknown. You/we never know until we are confronted with the situation. It is one thing to go to war and expect it. It is quite another to find it in your place of worship!

These are the faces of heroes. Lori paid the ultimate price as a sacrifice for her fellow man. The other two heroes took on an armed assailant with no regard to their own safety. Not in a war zone but in a place of worship. We must be forever vigilant. There is little else to be said. May our hearts and prayers be with Lori’s family and friends.


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