Claim: Trump is a racist. Most, if not all, on the left and the never Trumpers call Trump a racist. The most often cited example is Charlottesville back in 2017. What does the record show?

Veterans for Trump rates this accusation as False

Vets for Trump Facts: This lie has been repeated so often that it will make your head spin. Joe Biden repeated this lie during the DNC Convention. Even says it is false.

Having a hard time with PolitiFact? Here is the video from 2017. Short explanation of what he was saying starts at 2:37 into the video.

Next, we have Herschel Walker on the first night of the RNC Convention. In short, Herschel points out that he is a black man from the south and knows what racism is first hand. He has also been friends with President Trump for 37 years. Not just acquaintances but “a deep personal friendship”. Herschel is very upset every time he hears someone call Trump a racist. Herschel asks if anyone thinks he would be friends with a  racist for all those years? Herschel also testifies that Trump prioritizes family over the business and Trump treats janitors, security guards, and waiters the same as a VIP. According to Herschel Walker, someone who knows Trump a long time also states that Trump is a Social Justice Warrior. Not by words but by actions.

Then there is Jack Brewer

White House Adviser Ja’Ron Smith

Kim Klacik

Black Democrat for Trump Democrat Vernon James also points out Trump is not a racist.

Tim Scott

Clarence Henderson

Alice Johnson

Stacia Brightmon

Trump pardons former felon, Jon Ponder

Ben Carson






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