ClaimTrump told voters in North Carolina to vote twice.

Veterans for Trump rates this accusation as False

Vets for Trump Facts: There are two videos where this accusation can be cleared up. First is the initial talk Trump was giving and the second was a question by a reporter. Both videos are added below so you can judge for yourself. Notice that President Trump is saying that you can check to see if your mail-in ballot was “tabulated”. If it wasn’t then vote in person. It is a lengthy way of saying “make sure your vote is counted.” He emphasizes “You can’t let them take your vote away.”

Vets for Trump does not believe people who vote by mail will follow up by going to their polling place to check. This appears to be more of a tongue in cheek way of showing how inappropriate it is for a state that has not done mass mail-in voting to start doing it this late in the game.

President Trump has made no secret of the fact that he does not trust mass mail-in voting. In news conferences, he has pointed to many problems that have already been experienced in Primaries this year. He cites the stories in the Washington Post, New York Times, New York Post as well as others that talk about these problems. Some have to do with Democratic Primaries where a Republican was not even on the ballot. Therefore, it is not a matter of political party.

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