Some Gangster Democrats say whatever they want against our president. Yet they hate him so much that they would sacrifice the stability, security, and prosperity of its own citizens through worthless and countless investigations. There is no movement with immigration reform, background checks, or healthcare reform in Congress. Do we not have better things to do than block what is good for US citizens? The double standards we see from these gangster Democrats trying to impeach a president when such topics like what occurred before President Donald Trump’s election is amazing! Russia interference, Burisma, China, Uranium sales, Benghazi, and the Iranian nuclear treaty. Who was in control of the White House then?

I am especially offended by being a career retired police / Army Reserve officer from Cook County Chicago. Their politics choose illegal immigrant criminals over our fellow lawmen. Officers who are enforcing the rules all U. S. police have sworn to defend, the Constitution. This is an embarrassment to use politics over our Constitutional laws. No wonder Former president Biden always embraces Chicago, a known democratic machine.  It has always been a prime example of its political forces using enrichment through nepotism. This is politics at its worst. Please defend President Donald Trump. He defends our values, for all Americans, whatever color of your skin or culture. He is tough enough to drain the Swamp. Eight more years! God bless America.

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