After much consideration and discussion with fellow Veterans for Trump, I believe we should let you know there are two good veterans running in PA District 8 for Congress. 

It came to my attention that there are veterans who prefer Teddy Daniels over Earl Granville in the Pennsylvania District 8 Congressional Primary. Earl is also a fellow veteran. I and others who have endorsed Earl or Teddy live outside District 8. However, I did speak to the wife of a fellow veteran who both support Earl who live in District 8. That is not to say there aren’t plenty of people on the other side in that district.

Last week I met with Vlad Lemets in Florida who has consolidated Vets for Trump on Facebook. Many other Vets for Trump were also at the meeting. (Pictures and more about that in another post coming soon).

The agreement we made was to set forth a unified front in the future. When it comes to endorsements in the Primary elections we will consider it on a case-by-case basis. It gets especially hard when two veterans who support Trump are fighting it out in a Primary. Since all politics are local we may decide not to endorse. This will be a unified decision moving forward.

I trust that my endorsement for Earl Granville will now be viewed in light of the fact that there is another fellow veteran running. I will post another article on this by my friend Mac McCormack who supports Teddy Daniels. Joshua Macias who I have known for years also supports Teddy. Josh was at the meeting in Florida. Again, none of us live in District 8. Mac and I live in District 11 and Josh is from Virginia.

Our goal, no matter who we support, is to get the best pro-Trump person into office. Until the far-left power base of the Democrat Socialist Party is removed from the Democrat Party we cannot trust a single Democrat to do the right thing for America. They may talk a moderate game to get elected but once in office, they must vote with the Democrat Socialist base.

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