The other day I saw a Tweet by Scott Adams of Dilbert cartoon fame. He is an interesting character. He has praised the persuasion prowess of both Donald Trump and Sandy Cortez (aka AOC). In a blog post from September 2017, Adams described himself as being “left of Bernie Sanders, but with a preference for plans that can work.” Many people find this all very strange but I do not. I met many Bernie supporters who moved to support Trump when Bernie lost the Democrat Primary.

Scott posted a simple list of hoaxes that people still believe about Trump. Remember, this is a guy who says he is further left than Bernie Sanders. If you are on the left then ask yourself how many of these hoaxes you still believe. Then, do not argue with me, argue with Scott Adams. I’m thinking of our lefty friend JonB.

Scott also puts the J6 hearings into perspective in case you haven’t been following. He nails it.

1. Trump attempted a planned insurrection.
2. Okay, loosely planned.
3. Okay, not planned, but he encouraged it.
4. Okay, he didn’t encourage it, but he didn’t try to stop it.
5. Okay, he did try to stop the violence, but he should have done more, and sooner, during fog of war.

See the rest of Scott’s reasoning here.

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