So why didn’t the Feds prosecute this?

Simply put: It’s legally OK in a pretty broad swath of situations. It’s legally OK if the information being kept confidential is not about a crime, or if keeping it confidential doesn’t otherwise violate the law. – Tess Wilkinson-Ryan

You can also listen to a fair-minded Democrat Jonathan Turley. While rare, there is such a thing. This is a link to a 5 minute video. I know there are a lot of far lefties that hate Trump. However, what they do not realize is they are damaging America when they come up with obscure legal nonsense to go after him. How long until the shoe is on the other foot?

I am 99.9% sure Trump will be convicted on this because it is being held in New York City where the vast majority are uber left. To use a worn out analogy, it is like a Jew getting a fair trial in Nazi Germany. It is little wonder that so many Americans have lost faith in our legal institutions.

In the end it will be overturned on appeal. There will be multiple reasons but the judge today made that all the more likely due to not recusing himself. Here is why from a retired US District Court Judge. It is a 1 minute video.

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