After reviewing things a bit and asking myself the question about the much reported “no political bias” I have reached a conclusion. There is bias all over the place. However, to better understand this there is no better article than this one by the National Review.

If you watch or read the news you will hear the pundits say various things. The “hate Trump” crowds points to “no bias” and says see, there is no anti-Trump bias in the FBI. The pro-Trump crowd says there is bias and it is obvious.

The actual term was “no documentary bias” meaning nobody wrote in text or email that a certain measure was being taken.

There is plenty of bias. You can’t read the IG Report and not see it everywhere. We just don’t have evidence of the actions taken. We know there was a plan to take Trump down from the notorious text exchange. We also know there was a foregone conclusion to not prosecute Clinton by James Comey.

It might be best understood in relation to the OJ Simpson murder trial. He was found innocent criminally but found guilty in a civil court. We know he did it but just cannot prove it by legal standards on the criminal level. In the same way, we know there was/is bias. We just can’t bring forth prosecutable evidence at this time. Notice I said at this time.


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